Find Out How To Wrap Wine Glasses For Moving

Moving can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to packing fragile items like wine glasses. The last thing anyone wants is to open a box in their new home only to find shattered glass. Wine glasses, with their delicate stems and thin glass, are particularly vulnerable.

But with the right techniques and materials, you can ensure they arrive at your destination intact. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast with a collection of expensive stemware or someone who simply enjoys the occasional glass of wine, knowing how to properly pack your glasses is crucial.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps, drawing from expert advice from top moving companies, including New York Local Movers (NYLM), to ensure your wine glasses are safe and secure.

How to Wrap Wine Glasses for Moving?

To wrap wine glasses for moving, start by laying out a piece of bubble wrap or packing paper on a flat surface. Place the wine glass at an angle in one corner. Begin rolling the wine glass, tucking in the sides as you go, similar to wrapping a burrito. Ensure the stem and base are adequately covered.

Once wrapped, place the glasses stem up in a sturdy box with dividers, ensuring they don’t touch each other. Fill any empty spaces with crumpled paper or additional bubble wrap to prevent movement during transit. Seal the box securely and label it as “Fragile – Wine Glasses.”

Why Properly Packing Wine Glasses is Essential?

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Moving is a process that requires meticulous attention, especially when it comes to delicate items. Among these, wine glasses stand out due to their fragility and value. Ensuring they are packed properly can save a lot of heartache and expense.

1. The Vulnerability of Wine Glasses

Wine glasses, with their slender stems and thin bowls, are incredibly vulnerable. A slight mishap can easily lead to a crack or break. For a wine lover, each glass is not just a vessel but a part of the wine-drinking experience. Ensuring they are securely packed is crucial to preserving their integrity.

The design of wine glasses, especially those with long stems, makes them susceptible to breaks during the moving process. Traditional boxes without proper dividers or padding can be a recipe for disaster. It’s essential to understand this vulnerability and take measures to counteract it.

2. The Cost of Replacing Broken Glasses

Beyond the inconvenience, there’s a financial aspect to consider. High-quality wine glasses can be expensive, and replacing them can put a dent in your wallet. While some may think of them as just glasses, for many, they are an investment.

Moreover, if you possess a set of wine glasses, breaking even one can disrupt the set. Finding a matching replacement can be challenging and, in some cases, impossible. This makes the cost of not packing wine glasses properly even higher.

3. The Sentimental Value of Wine Glasses

For many, wine glasses hold more than just monetary value. They might be gifts from loved ones, souvenirs from trips, or heirlooms passed down through generations. The sentimental value attached to these glasses is irreplaceable.

Memories of special occasions, toasts, and celebrations are often linked to these delicate wine glasses. Breaking them means losing a piece of history, which is why it’s so essential to pack them with utmost care.

4. The Role of Proper Packing in Stress-Free Moving

The goal of any move is to transition from one place to another smoothly. By ensuring that your wine glasses are packed correctly, you eliminate one potential source of stress. Knowing that your delicate items are safe can provide peace of mind.

The moving process is already filled with challenges. By mastering the art of packing wine glasses, you’re ensuring that broken glassware isn’t one of them. It’s a step towards a smoother, more efficient move.

5. Safety Concerns With Wrapped Glass

Broken wine glasses aren’t just about loss; they’re a safety hazard. Shards of glass can injure you while unpacking, and if not detected, they can end up in the most unexpected places, posing risks long after the move.

Properly wrapped glasses ensure that even if there’s an unfortunate breakage, the shards are contained. This makes the cleanup process safer and more straightforward, protecting you and your loved ones.

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Selecting the Right Packing Materials

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Choosing the right packing materials is the first step in ensuring the safety of your wine glasses during a move. The materials you select play a pivotal role in cushioning and protecting your delicate items from the rigors of transportation.

1. Importance of Quality Materials

Not all packing materials are created equal. High-quality materials provide better protection, ensuring that your wine glasses reach their destination intact. Investing in good-quality packing paper, bubble wrap, and boxes can make all the difference.

While it might be tempting to save money by reusing old newspapers or boxes, remember that the safety of your wine glasses is at stake. Quality materials are designed to provide cushioning and support, reducing the risk of breakage.

2. Types of Boxes: Regular vs. Dishpack Boxes

While traditional boxes can be used, dishpack boxes, with their double thick walls, are specially designed for fragile items like wine glasses. These boxes offer additional protection against external shocks and are a worthy investment for any wine enthusiast.

Dishpack boxes often come with glass dividers, providing individual compartments for each wine glass. This not only offers protection but also organizes the glasses, making unpacking easier.

3. Bubble Wrap vs. Newspaper: Pros and Cons

Both bubble wrap and newspaper can be used to wrap wine glasses, but each has its advantages. Bubble wrap, with its cushioning bubbles, offers superior protection against shocks. However, it can be bulkier and more expensive.

Newspapers, on the other hand, are readily available and can be used to fill empty spaces in boxes. However, they might leave ink marks on your glasses. If using newspapers, it’s advisable to first wrap the wine glass in tissue paper to prevent direct contact.

4. The Role of Packing Tape and Markers

Packing tape is essential to securely seal your boxes, ensuring they don’t open during transit. Using quality tape ensures that the boxes stay closed, offering protection to the contents inside.

Markers are equally vital in the packing process. Clearly marking each box with “FRAGILE” alerts movers to handle them with care. Additionally, labeling the contents as “wine glasses” or “glassware” ensures that you can easily locate and unpack them in your new home.

5. Reusing Old Packing Materials: Is It Safe?

While reusing old packing materials is environmentally friendly and cost-effective, it’s essential to ensure they still offer adequate protection. Old boxes might have weakened walls, and used bubble wrap might have lost its cushioning effect.

If you choose to reuse, inspect the materials thoroughly. Ensure that boxes are sturdy, without any tears or dampness. For bubble wrap, ensure the bubbles are still intact. Combining old materials with new ones, like using old boxes but new bubble wrap, can be a good compromise between cost-saving and ensuring safety.

Step-by-step Guide to Wrapping Wine Glasses

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Packing wine glasses requires a methodical approach. Each step is crucial in ensuring that your glasses are protected from potential damage during the move.

1. Preparing the Wine Glass for Wrapping

Before you start wrapping, ensure each wine glass is clean and dry. Dirt or moisture can cause stains or even mold during transit, especially if the moving process takes several days. Once cleaned, place the wine glasses on a flat surface, ready for wrapping.

It’s also a good time to sort the glasses. If you have different types, like red wine glasses, white wine glasses, and flutes, grouping them can make the wrapping process more systematic.

2. The Burrito-style Wrapping Technique

This technique is one of the most effective ways to wrap wine glasses. Start by laying out your packing material, be it bubble wrap or packing paper, on a flat surface. Place the wine glass at an angle on one corner of the material.

Begin rolling the wine glass, tucking in the sides as you go, similar to wrapping a burrito. Ensure the stem and base are adequately covered. The aim is to have multiple layers around the glass, offering maximum protection.

3. Ensuring the Stem is Protected

The stem is the most vulnerable part of a wine glass. Extra care should be taken to ensure it’s well protected. Once you’ve wrapped the glass in the burrito style, consider adding an additional layer of bubble wrap or crumpled paper around the stem for added cushioning.

This extra padding can make all the difference, especially if the boxes are accidentally dropped or jostled during the move.

4. Number of Layers Needed for Optimal Protection

While wrapping, it’s essential to strike a balance. Too few layers, and the glass is at risk. Too many, and you might struggle to fit the glasses in the box. As a general rule, two to three layers of packing paper or one layer of bubble wrap should suffice.

However, if you’re using thin packing paper or if the glasses are particularly delicate, consider adding more layers. It’s always better to err on the side of caution.

5. Testing the Wrap for Security

Once wrapped, gently press and feel the wine glass. It should feel cushioned, with no hard surfaces or edges poking out. Give it a gentle shake – there shouldn’t be any movement within the wrap.

This test ensures that the wine glass is securely packed and ready to be placed in the box. If there’s any doubt, it’s worth taking the time to add an extra layer or adjust the wrapping.

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Packing the Wrapped Glasses

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Once your wine glasses are securely wrapped, the next step is to pack them into boxes. This stage is equally crucial, as the manner in which the wrapped glasses are packed can determine their safety during the move.

1. Choosing the Right Box Size and Type

Selecting the appropriate box is paramount. While it might seem convenient to use any available box, the right size and type can make a significant difference. Dishpack boxes, designed specifically for fragile items, are ideal for packing wine glasses.

These boxes come with double thick walls, offering added protection against external pressures. Their sturdiness ensures that the glasses inside remain shielded from potential impacts, making them a favorite choice among wine enthusiasts.

2. Layering and Positioning Glasses in the Box

How you position the wrapped glasses in the box is vital. Start by placing a layer of crumpled paper or bubble wrap at the bottom for cushioning. Then, place the heaviest glasses first, ensuring they are upright. Lighter glasses, like flutes, can be placed on top.

It’s essential to ensure that the glasses don’t touch each other, as this can lead to breaks during transit. Using glass dividers or additional packing material between each glass can prevent such contact.

3. Filling Voids to Prevent Movement

Empty spaces within the box can cause the glasses to shift during the move, leading to potential breakage. Fill these voids with crumpled paper, bubble wrap, or other packing materials. This not only provides additional cushioning but also ensures the glasses remain stationary.

A well-packed box should have no internal movement. Before sealing, give the box a gentle shake. If you hear or feel any movement, add more packing material until everything is snug.

4. Sealing and Labeling the Box Properly

Once the glasses are securely packed, it’s time to seal the box. Using quality packing tape, ensure the box is sealed on all sides. This prevents any unwanted openings during the move, keeping the contents safe.

Proper labeling is equally crucial. Clearly mark the contents of the box, indicating that it contains wine glasses. This helps during the unpacking process, allowing you to locate and handle your glasses with care.

5. The Importance of “Fragile” Labels

While it might seem obvious to you that a box containing wine glasses is fragile, movers or helpers might not be aware. Using “FRAGILE” labels prominently on all sides of the box alerts everyone handling it to do so with care.

These labels are a simple yet effective way of ensuring that your glasses receive the delicate handling they require. It’s a small step that can prevent potential heartbreak later.

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Moving, especially with delicate items like wine glasses, requires meticulous planning and execution. Ensuring that each glass is wrapped and packed securely can make all the difference in ensuring they reach their destination intact. By following the guidelines and tips provided in this article, you can navigate the challenges of moving with ease and confidence.

Remember, the key lies in preparation, patience, and using the right packing materials. And if the process seems overwhelming, remember that professional help is just a call away. With New York Local Movers (NYLM), you’re assured of a seamless, stress-free move.

So, why take the risk? Let the experts handle your moving needs. Contact NYLM today and experience a hassle-free move!


How can I ensure my wine glasses don’t break during the move?

Proper wrapping using quality packing materials, combined with careful packing in sturdy boxes, can significantly reduce the risk of breakage. Following the guidelines in this article can provide additional assurance.

Is it worth investing in specialized dishpack boxes for wine glasses?

Absolutely. Dishpack boxes are designed specifically for fragile items like wine glasses. Their double-thick walls offer added protection, making them a worthy investment for anyone keen on ensuring the safety of their glasses.

Can I reuse old newspapers for wrapping wine glasses?

While newspapers can be used, they might leave ink marks on your glasses. It’s advisable to first wrap the wine glass in tissue paper before using newspapers. For optimal protection, bubble wrap or packing paper is recommended.

How many wine glasses can I safely pack in one box?

It depends on the size of the box and the glasses. However, it’s essential not to overload boxes. Ensure there’s enough cushioning material between each glass and that the box can be comfortably lifted without straining.

Should I hire professionals to pack my wine glasses?

If you’re unsure about packing delicate items or lack the time, hiring professionals like NYLM can be a wise decision. They have the expertise and materials to ensure your wine glasses are packed securely for the move.

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